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How To Find High School Yearbooks Online


find yearbooksHigh school yearbooks can be easily found online nowadays. Yearbooks are wonderful collection of past memories of the incredible time one spent in school / college with ones friends and classmates. These are incredible memories that you want to capture and remember them for the rest of your life.


Going through the yearbook after several years is always a lot of fun; it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. So how do you go about getting hold of your yearbook? Well there are lot of websites out there that claim to provide yearbooks, but several of these websites are fake, they are just sitting around to gather your personal information, but there are few websites which are absolutely trust worthy for ex reunion.com, classmates.com, myyearbooks.com, etc, to name a few. These websites deliver on what they promise i.e get you in touch with your classmates, quickly and effectively.


How these websites get hold of your school yearbooks, you may ask. Well yearbooks are not private information; they are openly available in school libraries and resource centers. These websites get these yearbooks directly from your schools. Several of these top rated alumni websites have contacted schools throughout the country and get hold of copies of the yearbooks. Once they get the yearbooks for all the years that the school have such copies for, they scan these yearbooks and make them available online, but they actually much more than that, they also have members on their sites, such people who have signed up on their website, so they match the profile of the person signed up on their website which their yearbook profile to provide then and now pictures of their members. This section on classmates.com is a lot of fun to browse. On this you can see how you and your friends looked when you attended school / college and how you look now.


find yearbooksAnother way to get hold of your yearbook is to contact your school / college. This may not be easy but it is possible. The reason it may not be easy is that schools are not very responsive on such requests. The reason for their lack of response is that if they become accommodating of such requests, thousands of students will contact the schools to get hold of their yearbooks. But if you are forceful and even visit the school in person, you might be able to get hold of your yearbook.


Getting hold of your yearbook online is actually your best way to go about it. Also not only on these websites you will get your yearbook but would be also regain touch with your old friends. Some of these websites also provide contact information for their members. Go ahead and search on this website or other websites of similar nature to find your school yearbooks.