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Class Reunion Planning Tips


find yearbooksHigh school reunions can be lot of fun, but they can also be worst nightmares. It depends upon how they are put together. Several of the high school reunions I have been to have been awesome so I have put together the ideas I have collected from these reunions in this article so that your next reunion is enjoyable as well.


The most important aspect of a high school reunion is that every person feels special at the reunion and feels he is part of an incredible group of people he would love to associate with for the rest of his life. To have a successful reunion most of the effort goes into it before the date of the reunion. The first step for a successful reunion is to start with people in your town who would be part of this reunion. Since these people have been living together in the same town, there would be great friendship among them. They can form your core team for the planning and preparation of the reunion.


Call a meeting of the local folks and ask the people you know to bring along the alumni friends they know. This way you can have a good first meeting with most of the alumni who live locally in your team. Have this meeting at your home, sports club or local restaurant. At the meeting put together a list of all the classmates, everyone in this group knows about or is in touch with. This will create a pretty comprehensive list of your classmates. Also have your school yearbook with you at this meeting so that you can look up students from the high school yearbook, which will help you jog your memory to get back in touch with your classmates.


Have someone part of this meeting put together an excel spreadsheet of all the people and their email addresses, phone numbers who can be reached. If you don’t find a few people and would still like to invite them, you can use the help of websites such as classmates.com, mylife.com, myspace.com, etc. Also you can contact your school to provide alumni contact details.


Next set a date for the reunion. This date should be at least six months to a year away giving everyone enough time to plan their schedule and manage to be at the reunion. Also it is important that this date is preferably on a long weekend like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day so that people don’t have to take days off from work to attend the reunion.


find yearbooksAnother very important aspect but oftentimes neglected one is to ask for donations. It is impossible to have a good reunion without having enough money to fund the reunion location, food catering, decorations, hotels for outstation guests, etc. Decide upon what the reunion will cost and then figure out how much each person participating in the reunion will have to contribute to make the reunion successful. Collect this amount up front because this will also assure that the person is confirmed to attend the reunion. If someone is not willing to donate, you pretty much know that person will probably not attend the reunion either.


Planning and making a successful reunion happen can be a blast. At the end of the day everyone will thank you for having the initiation to make it happen and it will be much easier to have another reunion after that in the future.

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For all the things I did wrong, I must have done sontheimg right, to get butterfly kisses at night. When I look at you, Emily, Josh and Jon that is how I feel. With all the things I did wrong, I must have done sontheimg right because you have all turned out to be STELLAR kids You and Emily are wonderful wives and mothers (I'm so proud of you both) and Josh and Jon are hard working, respectful and will make wonderful husbands and fathers one day. I'm an honored to be your mother Love forever,Momxoxoxoxoxo
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When I was pregnant with Alexis and cluodn't wear my rings anymore, I stuck them in husband's medicine cabinet where I knew he would see them and managed to mention that I sure would love to replace the center stone and get a better wedding band while I wasn't able to wear my rings anyway. Despite the not even slightly subtle hints, he didn't figure out he was supposed to DO SOMETHING. Thus, it is doubly his fault that my wedding band has been lost for a year. Ahem.
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Looking for a 2005-06 Redlands High School yearbook. Redlands, CA 92374
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looking for 2008 benton, arkansas high school yearbook
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Looking for 1949-50 yearbook for South Park High School, Beaumont, Texas
Mary Ann Herring
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Looking for any yearbooks from Monument City, Indiana in Polk Township
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I'm looking for Sequoia High School, of Redwood City, CA, yearbooks for 1959,1960, 1961, 1962
Sharon McGurk
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Looking for 1970, 71, 72 and 74 yearbook for Dubuque Senior High, Dubuque, Iowa.
John Slawek
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Hello! I am looking for a 1938 Chadsey High School in Detroit, Michigan year book. If you should come across one, please let me know either at my E Bay address which is firehydrant586 or my e mail which is jonas0325@comcast.net.Thank you.
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miss my class they were funny i wish summer nerver came
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collecting donations for reunions is tough, trust me i have spent lot of time on that
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you seem to be a great guy...can you put more articles on how to build a reunion website
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