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Elementary School Yearbooks - Renewing Old Friendships


find yearbooksIt is quite common for people to be excited about college / high school yearbooks but that is normally not the case for elementary school yearbooks. Most people don’t care much about being in touch with their friends at elementary school let alone treasuring their elementary school yearbooks. Most elementary schools don’t even create their yearbooks, because of lack of interest in it. But this is wrong mindset as we will share why the elementary school yearbook can be a treasure trove for alumni contacts, fund raising events, career opportunities or just plain seeking to renew old friendships.


It can be quite difficult task to maintain a database of elementary school students as most of their contact information would change as they grow up. Most of these students may not even an email address. But if the yearbook contacts contact information about their parents or guardians, it can be used to get in touch with your former classmates even after number of years. Also several of the elementary school alumni would have moved to far off locations away from the place they went to grammar school so it is important to at least have their parent’s email id in the yearbook.


School yearbook can play a vital role in keep in touch with your friends at elementary school. With the advent of the internet, several of these yearbooks are now available online, so you can easily lookup all your elementary school classmates and find out where each is currently located and their updated contact information. Being in touch with elementary school classmates is important because even though several years have passed since you last met them or spoke to them but you will be pleasantly surprised that when you get in touch with your friends of yesteryears it will be like old times again.


find yearbooksAlso on several of the websites like classmates.com, you can even build an alumni site for your class and even send a newsletter. You can even put together a reunion for your elementary class, but don’t be too surprised if you don’t find a lot of interest in such a reunion. Most people are extremely interested in college or high school reunion but may not have a lot of interest in elementary school reunion. But if you have a huge mailing list you can organize a good reunion.


Being in touch with your elementary school friends can be a lot of fun. Especially since grammar school was the time you were making few of first friends in life outside of your family. These friendships could blossom in the strongest bonds apart from family so take your time to get in touch with your elementary school friends. Get your school yearbook and start connecting some of your oldest friends in life