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Expert Views

Suggestions For School Yearbook Pictures


find yearbooksThe pictures in your high school yearbook will largely decide if your yearbook will be hit or flop among students. Having good pictures is the single most important aspect that will make or break your yearbook’s success next to only the theme of the yearbook. So it is of paramount importance to select good quality pictures for your yearbook. Here we will provide more creative suggestions on how you can use the pictures you have selected for your yearbook to make them more appealing.


If pictures are the life of the yearbook, the cover picture is its heart. If you have not selected the simply best picture as the cover, you will lose a lot of the appeal for the yearbook. A really creative way to get lot of ideas for the yearbook cover is to hold a photography competition among students for the selection of the cover picture. This way you will generate interest and participation from lot of the students and you can get a really good cover picture. You can even use the second best entry in the competition for the back cover of the yearbook.


Pictures of school teams will also add a lot of appeal for your yearbook. Also be creativity about shots of school clubs or teams. Let’s say the shot of the volleyball team can be done on the beach or a shot of the baseball team on the baseball diamond. Club shots create pride among students for their school and association.


The next most important shots are of course those of the students themselves. Here also you need to be imaginative. You can even add pictures of students as children or even babies to make it look fun. Also have the students dress up for their main portrait and have it taken professionally. Have the students use their own ideas on how they would like to dress up for their portrait shot. You can suggest various things such as dressing up to highlight their hobby, some important event at school, nickname or how people will best remember them at school. Don’t let these shots be dry as these will make your yearbook fun to browse and read. Also you can set up a webpage on Google Picassa, Snapfish or any other photo sharing website for students to contribute their own pictures for the yearbook and you can even pick some student pictures from there.


find yearbooksAlso it is important to have some pictures of the school building and grounds for the yearbook. Again have these pictures professionally taken and the professional photographer can provide a lot of advice of how the picture can best show the school building or school mascot.


One final piece of advice is that take a lot of pictures throughout the school year at various events, assemblies, sports meet, etc so that you have lot of pictures to pick from. You should not wait until the end of school year to start working on the yearbook pictures, as it will be too late then. For the best yearbook pictures, start early, take lot of pictures, assign someone to cover each school event, and then filter through these pictures to select the best. Have fun collecting and organizing your yearbook pictures.