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Making Your High School Yearbook


find yearbooksMaking the high school yearbook is not an easy task since it involves lot of hard work and dedication but it sure can be a lot of fun and becoming the creator of the high school yearbook will make you quite popular as well. Just a word of caution though you have taken over the responsibility to represent every student in your high school and at the end of the day several people may be unhappy about the way they are portrayed in the yearbook, but just remember you can’t make everyone happy. Several people will just criticize you because that’s all they are good at, they themselves will not take the responsibility to put together the yearbook but would critic anybody who does. So let these minor distractions not bother, at the end of day, if you are dedicated and apply some creativity you can put together a fantastic yearbook.


To be able to successful put together the school yearbook, it is very important to start early, even as early as the start of the school year, this is very important as creating the yearbook is definitely a lot of work and if you start late towards the end of the year, you will be scrambling to finish it in time and thus making a mess of it. Also it is important that you delegate some of the work to others. It is not feasible or sensible to do all the work yourself. Involving others will bring a lot of great ideas to the table and also you will find that this project will involve several tasks that you might not be good at. Set up weekly meetings with your team and at every meeting it is important to review last weeks last and set goals for the next week. Moreover you should have at least 1 deadline per month. This kind of organization will keep everyone focused and dedicated to get the yearbook done well in time.


Deciding upon the theme of the yearbook is one of the most important tasks of the yearbook. This aspect of the yearbook is so important that we have dedicated an entire section of this website to you, please go ahead and review that section. That will help you in picking the theme of your yearbook but remember the theme of the yearbook can make or break it. So spend lot of time with your team brainstorming several ideas for the theme and finally pick one that is just the best.


High school yearbook pictures are the second most important aspect of the yearbook. Most people will judge your work by just these 2 aspects theme and pictures. To get the best pictures, have your camera with you throughout the year. Take a lot of pictures of everyone at all the events in the school year. This will help you put together the best pictures for your yearbook. Also we have another section on this website dedicated to taking pictures for yearbooks.


find yearbooksFinally it is important to do a good job in putting your yearbook together and it’s binding. For the yearbook to look professional use the best binders. Binding can even be done in house if you have access to thermal binding machine in your school.


Keep these tips in mind and you can put together a great yearbook which will be treasured by everyone in your class for several years. This process will help you tremendously as well as it will teach you several life lessons which can’t be learnt in the class.