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Social Networking Websites Vs Yearbook Based Websites


find yearbooksSince the cave man one of the basic needs for mankind has been socializing and social networking. Keeping touch with friends is one of the things we naturally do and we use technology to our advantage for this purpose. Recently there has been a huge wave of social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and now most recently Twitter.


Till a few years back this need for social networking and keeping in touch with old friends was met with websites such as Classmates.com, Reunion.com, etc. There is no proper name that describes this class of websites, so let’s call them yearbook based websites, since lot of them help you keep in touch with your friends from your school / college / university / military class.


So most people these days have this question, where is the place of such yearbook websites in the marketplace with the advent of social networking websites. I believe there is space for both of them in the marketplace because they cater to separate needs and provide different pieces of your social networking puzzle. So lets say today you want to know what’s going on in the life of that high school nerd who used to sit in the library all day long and always had the homework done on the day it was due, chances are if you open Facebook to look for him, you might find several people with the same name and you have no clue which one is the guy you are looking for. But if you open classmates.com, within 5 minutes you will find that guy, you will also find what he looked like, what he looks like today and the details of the hot girl he finally managed to marry. See can you do this on Facebook?


find yearbooksAlright lets take another scenario, lets say you are planning a class reunion and you want to invite all the people in your high school class of 1985 to this party you are throwing. To do this task on the social networking website will take you at least a few days and even then you can’t be sure if you have the entire high school class in your guest list, but to do the same on reunion.com will take you a few minutes, just open the website, go into alumni corner for your school, there will you find the list of all your classmates for the year 1985, just get their email ids and shoot them the details of your party and you are done.


So here I have shown you couple of examples where yearbook based websites are invaluable to the world today but there are hundreds of more examples that I can give you. I would suggest you check out one of these websites and see for yourself how much more user friendly they are compared to social networking websites when looking for information regarding your school friends and work colleagues.