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Employing Students For Yearbook Binding


find yearbooksSeveral schools are now creating their own yearbooks from start to finish. They don’t use professional help at all and get student to be take charge of creating the yearbooks. Student decide and finalize the contents of the yearbooks and then get it printed on school printers and copiers and even bind it using schools binding equipment. This way the cost of each yearbook is significantly less. If a school were to use professional help for yearbook printing and binding services, each yearbook would end up costing easily more than fifty dollars. Several students and their parents may not like to spend this much on a yearbook. So with the schools employing the students to create the yearbook, not only the cost of the yearbook is much less but the students also get a feeling of achievement and pride for their school and yearbook as they have created it.


Here we will share some ideas on how the students can bind their yearbook to make them look professional using the Unibind binding machine. First let us look at the yearbook cover as this will determine the binding process. The options depend on whether you want to go with the hard cover or soft cover yearbook. Hard cover is definitely preferred by several schools for the yearbook but the soft cover option is cheaper. Usually it is best for the school to have their own students design the yearbook cover but alternatively you can just use the binding machine’s cover design as the cover cases come in different colors and patterns. If you will have the students design the cover it is important to do that as early in the process as possible.


Having the yearbook cover is the hard part of the binding process, once the cover is finalized and ready, binding the yearbook is easy. Just insert all the yearbook pages printed using high quality printers in the binding machine inside the cover. Close the cover of the binding machine and within a few seconds, the yearbook will be ready. So the entire processes from start to finish will just take a few minutes per yearbook. So if you have, say 500 yearbooks to print and bind it can take a few days with a few students working on this task.


find yearbooksThe only thing to consider now is the cost of the binding machine itself. The binding machine can typically cost around $500, so if you have a small school with a class of just 50 students, the cost per yearbook would still be quite high as apart from binding, other costs need to be considered such as printing, pages, photographs, etc. But the binding machine cost can be easily retrieved in the first year of its use and then it would serve its purpose for several more years with little maintenance cost. Moreover the school can use the binding machine for several other purposes.


With the students themselves creating, printing and binding the school yearbook, they will have a sense of accomplishment which will make this process definitely well worth it.